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Are you struggling to find the pots and pans that you really need under the mountain of clutter that’s in your kitchen cupboards? Then, now’s the time to do something about it before Christmas kicks in. Here’s a run down of the top tips for a clean and tidy kitchen:

  • Sort out all the old tins and packets of food that are passed their sell by dates and throw them away.
  • Throw away all the random cutlery that you seem to accumulate over the past year or and bend or damaged knives and forks
  • Throw away any plastic tuppaware that hasn’t got a matching lid or is split of looks like it’s been used so much it’s discoloured and needs replacing
  • Oven gloves can be kept out of sight with a hook on the inside of a cupboard door to hang them on when not in use
  • Add extra shelving to those cupboards where you seem to have a mile high stack of plates and bowls. No matter how hard you try it always seems to be the plate at the very bottom that you need. By putting in extra shelving it will make it easier to get a pile of plates in and out
  • Use a pocket organiser placed on the inside of a cupboard door to store any clothes, dusters or sponges to keep them out of sight when not in use
  • Stand rolls of cling film and baking foil vertically in a cupboard. It will make it easier to get to rather then buried at the bottom of a deep drawer

So just a few little tips to help you get organised for Christmas bought to you by Happy Cleaners of Newbury 🙂


  1. Thanks for some really good tips regarding house cleaning. I regularly clean my own home and love any good advise that saves time and money 🙂

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